Blisscraft of Hollywood & Croutons

Ever since I've vowed to stop buying my vegan butter in plastic containers and only buy it in foil-and-cardboard packaged sticks, I've been irrationally obsessed with getting a butter dish. I went to about 6 local thrift/vintage/resale places to find one. Even my beloved Film Biz, where I was advised to search their Kitchen in a Box box. Nothing. If butter dishes could have radio silence, this would be the day.

Luckily a vintage store I'd passed previously had a "free stuff" box outside the store where, at the very bottom, was a never-used plastic butter dish. I never wanted a plastic butter dish but the design was okay, it is my favorite color and I certainly couldn't argue with the price.

Blisscraft of Hollywood



(poking around on Etsy brings me to this item,
which says there was a legal issue
between Blisscraft and RONA
over the design of these butter dishes.)

P.S. -

Also irrationally, I am overly proud of myself that I thought to make croutons with the one heel slice of bread I had left. I turned on the oven. For croutons. And then I ate their deliciousness in a salad.

Mostly I'm impressed that I recognized that if I didn't do something with it, it'd go bad and I'd waste it. [Sidebar: I was just introduced to Love Food/Hate Waste site.]



  1. Congratulations on the croutons!

    I like butter dishes. Also sugar bowls and cow-shaped creamers.

  2. Um, how perfect IS that butter dish! And for free! I took the link to the lovefoodhatewaste site, and it's pretty good! We're trying to cut our household waste and the bread heel-croutons tip is magic.

  3. Your butter dish is a beauty. The croutons are the tiniest I've ever seen, she writes as the wipes the crumbs of her peanut butter on bread crusts off the corner of her mouth.

  4. Another fan of butter dishes here. Good find.

  5. That's one super cute butter dish! And you can't beat getting something for free. Total win.


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