Andy After Dark

This photo was supposed to make it to Marty After Dark but I didn't get it uploaded in time. (Sorry, Marty! It wasn't an intentional April Fool's punking.)

the andy

Anyway, this is what I wear when it's raining and I'm on my way back home from Vegan Drinks (I took pictures for them, linked) and Curly's with my old man.

04-01-11 pictures 101

I've worn this before with the only changeup being using the white vintage shoe clips.

Here I am enjoying something heartily @ Vegan Drinks:

04-01-11 pictures 080

I know I haven't posted in a bit. Work has been insane. I am still here, actually, and I'm finally heading home. The only saving grace to this evening is that 7-11 nearby has accidentally-vegan 7-11 brand Fudge Striped Shortbread Cookies.

Taxi time! Later!


  1. still love that dress, no matter how many times you have or haven't posted it! your night looks like alot of fun....more fun than mine, which involves slobbing on the couch in front of bad TV. Take care!

  2. Thanks for sending the photo! I just updated the page, I'm relieved I wasn't April Fooled! I like your blog!

  3. A colored red or gold belt would make that dress scream. Red belt, red shoes, red LIPS for a fancy time?!

  4. @ Teeny - trust me I also need those nights with the tv!

    @ Marty - thank you and I'm glad you were able to use the picture.

    @Julie - YES. I think you are right on and I am going to try that next. I just got an awesome red bow belt I think will be perfect!

  5. I really like this outfil, even though (or maybe) it's quite simple. Those flats really are little beauties


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