Unaffected by Rain

I wore this to:
- work
- meditation
- eat kimchi pancakes @ woorijip

I'm happy to be going back to meditation but slightly worried that it will be too hippie-ish. I used to go to a sangha that had the tagline "tattoos not required" because everyone had them. This new place is just a regular-people group and I guess I'll find out what means in meditation land.

This outfit was vaguely inspired by this fashionist street shot. In that it's the same skirt with a button-down and longer sweater/jacket layer.



shirt/swap (it was my friend's!)
tights & skirt/AA
cardigan & flats/sweatshop retail
shoe clips/vintage

After pining over shoe clips on etsy last night, I remembered that I have a few pairs of shoe clips in the dark recesses of my closet. Unearthed and now worn! And I have three more pairs.

I left for work so late today that the rain had already passed so I got to wear flats and pity the poor ladies of Wellies-Hunters Nation, clomping around NYC.


  1. Love the shoe clips and the floral print blouse. Just realised that I have a bunch of shoe clips stocked away somewhere. Now all we need is for the snow to melt...


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