Shortie Jacket

I wore this to:
- be outside

"Shortie! Psssssss...shortie!"
"Chile! Chiiiiiile. Hey! Chile!"

This jacket, for some reason, elicits catcalls of a particular variety. I've written about this jacket hack before -- it was once a hooded plaid jacket, popular with the high school crowd. When I'm wearing this I tend to get catcalled in a certain way. "Shortie" is the most typical. I never ever get catcalled in these ways in anything else I'm wearing, ever. And it is primarily by men of color. This is a straight up observation and not an assumption and I can't claim to know what the key is to this whole equation. Apparently when I wrote that original post, I thought the hood was the issue.

It is a bizarre and enigmatic phenomenon. What gives? Does anyone see a connection?

jacket - tailored hack (originally sweatshop retail)
scarf/brklyn thrift
jeans and canvas shoes - sweatshop retail
Betsy Johnson sunglasses - stoop sale


  1. Haha I have no idea why that jacket elicits that response, but I do like it. And with the sunglasses and the ponytail, it's a very sharp look!

  2. Well, Apple Bottoms makes similar coats, so maybe you're unconsciously tapping into a hip-hop/rap-fan style genre? I've never heard a woman called "shawty" outside of a rap song or Ellen explaining American slang to Hugh Laurie.

    I've never heard "chile" at all. Off to ask the internet!

  3. Bizarre indeed! I can see why you wear it though, so cute.

  4. Hmmm. I notice get a lot of comments if I'm wearing something that's in a traditionally masculine fabric. It's like the guys gravitate towards something they recognize. I wonder if this falls into that category?

  5. Weird!
    Once I cut my hair short and dyed it blonde and wore big curls. That got reactions from older and hispanic men like I have never had before or since. One Hispanic dude literally ran out of his job at La Salsa and stopped me to ask "Do you have a boyfriend?!"

    PS LOVE the light and shadows. Looks awesome.

  6. Hello. I'm here by way of Teeny who linked to you today so forgive me for not know much about you. You must be in a city or somewhere cat call-y? Are you short? If so, hello from a fellow shortie. I'm a rural gal so can't say as I've been cat called in a while, other than by my husband. However I do have a jacket similar to that (a black & white plaid that came hoodless but the collar pops up and it is cropped with wide waistband and short sleeves) and it definitely makes me feel a bit JLo when I wear with with my snug vintage Levi's out to the local WalMart. I've noticed it evokes more appraising glances. I'd say Rebekah has it right, that it is a hip-hop/rap thing. I've got you in my feedreader now, check ya later. :)


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