Magickal Beans - End of Deal with Yo Plastic Month

Since it's almost the end of Deal with Plastic March (post 1, post 2), I figured I'd give you an update on my arm-wrassle with plastic.

The last time I mentioned plastic I was threatening to buy dry bulk beans and make my own soy yogurts. I challenged myself to bulk up, shop with reusable containers and to stinkeye plastic-packaged foods. I struggled to find food on the fly without a lot of plastic (a bagel wrapped in waxed paper was the best "take-out" I could find sans plastic) and some of the times I broke down to get something healthier, albeit encased in plastic.


1) I plumped these cannellini beans myself! (Using a slow cooker.) $2 of dry beans carried home in a cotton produce bag made 4 Ball jars of beans and then some. Like, so many beans I put some in my freezer and unloaded some on my boyfriend. Still. Easy, fascinating, cheap and no waste, buddies. Take that, plastic, you sh#t! (While you can also get these in cans, which are recyclable, I'm also thinking about the weight of those pre-made bean cans to ship around and all the oil that takes. Bulk dry beans are lighter and easier to transport. Oil and plastic go hand-in-hand so it's only natural to think about both.)

Magical Beans
The beans were really boring on their own
here is my toy Teacher Owl posing with the beans.

2) I started carrying my titanium spork around more, but not always. This made me so guilty that when I forgot it, I remembered the following picture I saw on the internet years ago and I brought home the plastic utensils I was "forced" to use to wash and reuse.

3) I remembered my cotton/netting produce bags when food shopping. All sorts of crap was jammed in there. Apples. Pears. Beans. Sunflower seeds. Pasta.

4) I stopped buying pre-packaged nuts for snacks. Roasted sunflower seeds aplenty descended from the bulk bin chute and right into my bag! At home and work I stored them in glass jars. Sometimes I put labels on the jar with Small Objects figures stamped on them so they make me happy when I look at them.
5) I wrote to Earth Balance about their vegan butter product packaging. (I'm switching to sticks because it's just foil and paper, but there's no organic version.)

If any of you played along, let me know how you found your conscious plastic consumption.


  1. I lovelovelove bulk food. I'm always so thrilled when I find something in bulk that I hadn't seen before -- dry soup mix, stevia, cinnamon, seitan jerky, soap... I am very enthusiastic about bulk bin shopping.

  2. This is awesome. I didnt even know about this conscious plastic consumption march. It's such a good idea. month is long enough to set new habits. I feel like i have become pretty lazy lately. I feel awfully guilty about it. Maybe i'll do my own Deal with Plastic Month in April.


    I've always been scared to deal with my plastic outright--- or scarier still, to carry it all for a month. Who did that? I can't remember...

    Glass jars look way cooler in one's kitchen than a bunch o' commercial containers.

    I always used Earth Balance by the stick, but I never considered the organic option.

  4. It's so great to see other people that are taking such a proactive stance on environmentalism. I had never seen the spoon picture but I want to share it with everyone I know! What a great idea to have a Deal with plastic month. I love it.

  5. i know you don't need to hear this, BUT I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! dude, you did super awesome! I'm going to make myself bulk bin bags out of something light and non-plastic dammit. If you can do it, then so shall I. Beans in a slow cooker...I had never considered this before, but how easy would that be! btw, what have you preserved them in? Plastic be damned.

  6. Well done. You're doing so well! It's great to find other plastic-shunning people out there and learn about the positive things they are doing to help the planet. Thank you!

  7. wow, go you! If I'm being honest, I had never even considered plastic use at all. We have switvhed from yoghurt portions to big jars eaten from proper bowls recently, so I guess that helps, even if it was for money saving rather than sustainabilty reasons. And I have been thinking about soaking my own chickpeas. I consume so many of the cans I really should!

  8. hi there! just wanted to let you know i finally and ridiculously late got something in the mail to you for your giveaway win! i added some extras since it's probably going to be too warm to enjoy your scarf! xoxoxox

  9. I didn't know about this month, but I did just buy a titanium spork, and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner!


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