Life Emporium Thrift with Lili (the dog)

On the pre-loved clothing front, a new charity thrift just opened in my neighborhood by the name of Boutique Thrift. Or Life Emporium. Either way, it's a thrift store that benefits Chai Lifeline. They will soon have charity thrift competition since Housing Works is also moving into the Slope (near Beacon's Closet PS).

I took a little stroll down there with my pal, S(f), and her dog Lili (pictured below) to check it out.

The ground floor is some of the more high-end clothing and accessories, nicely displayed. They have mannequins (or manikins) posed around the floor along with real live jewelry cases, dainty china and some strange rock wall-looking theme going on. Personally, I enjoy it.





Downstairs is more clothes (some vintage and some "high street" as you UK folk would say) along with some less dainty housewares.

What did I get? A decently constructed and good-condition H&M swing jacket in a tan-ish, brown-ish tweed and a toile-patterned hoodie (oh, the disparity!). I also got a Corelle Visions saucepan since I needed a second saucepan and I liked the idea of a glass one. It looks so '60s modern.

Oh, and here's Lili, a rescue dog! (Her guardian, also my thrift store shopping pal, has promised me she's going to start a blog soon so hopefully soon I'll be able to link you to a place where you can find regular Lili pictures!)


I'm sure Life-Emporium-Boutique-Thrift will be in my regular resale store rotation given it's stock and it's proximity. And they take donations, too!


  1. Lucky. I wish awesome, affordable thrift stores existed here. Lili is precious. What a great shopping partner she would be.

  2. The rock wall is a nice (if mystifying) touch.

  3. thrifting goodness and dancing puppy dogs - you are truly lucky : ) Can't get much better.

  4. Greatlooking store. I wish we had something like that in our little town.

    Off topic & department of random: since you are pretty much the only vegan I "know", could you recommend a good tofu cookbook..? Also, this is probably a really silly question, but you know that grainy-looking soy product, the one you boil, drain and then cook on the frying pan as if it was ground beef..? What the heck is it called in English? I've been wanting to buy some but no one in our neck of the woods seems to know what I am even talking about... Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the info! I've walked and ridden my bike past it and wondered what the deal was and now I'm excited to check it out! Also so excited about Housing Works in Park Slope, yessss!


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