I pose with a girl with a dog on her back (and a man circles 45 tons of salt)

Most weekends I spend my time between my place, my boyfriend's place and various activities or social engagements. I tend to wear jeans and comfortable clothes-stuffs and I also tend to just wear the same thing twice (along with showering) if I'm staying at his place rather than packing a whole separate outfit, unless an occasion calls for a particular dress code.

So, from last weekend. And now you know why my "I wore this to" list is so long.

I wore this to:

resale - shirt (beacons),
and sunglasses (stoop sale)
shoes & jeans - sweatshop retail
- grab bagels
- head to Chelsea galleries
- look at the Tesla store in Chelsea
- buy ball jar lids & dark chocolate covered figs @ Chelsea market
- eat at Cowgirls Baking
- go to a house party
- eat desserts
- set a pot on fire accidentally (seriously f'n scary)
- go to Sunset Park for the first time ever and experience the view
- eat rice, beans, plantains
- bowl @ Melody Lanes (scores: 66 and 105)

- win bowling wager to have boyfriend make me dessert in shape of any animal I choose (choice = BISON)

031kim simonsson
(w/Finnish sculptor Kim Simonsson's stuff)

Some gallery pictures
(you can find the entire set here)

Tara Donovan's Untitled (Mylar) & Drawings (Pins)

03-19-11 tara donovan @ pace

...is all pins
03-19-11 tara donovan @ pace

And this is all rolled mylar and hot glue...
03-19-11 tara donovan @ pace

Terence Koh's nothingtodoo
Circling the salt - originally the performance art was
supposed to involve the salt but somehow that changed
Terence Koh - nothingtodoo @ Mary Boone

Duke Reily's Two Riprarian Tales of Undoing
This had a lot of parts and I didn't realize how
much I liked it until I had to pick just a few pictures.
You can see my Duke Reily set here.

Duke Riley - Two Riprarian Tales of Undoing

Duke Riley - Two Riprarian Tales of Undoing

Duke Riley - Two Riprarian Tales of Undoing

We also went to these, but I didn't take (m)any pictures of them:
- Sze Tsung Leong's Cities
- Paul Ramirez Jonas (cork horse)
- Titus Kaphar - Classical Disruption

**I know I tagged this "museum" instead of "gallery" and that's a huge difference but I'm trying to reduce the number of tags I have and am being kind of vague and associative with my tags these days.


  1. Thanks for sharing this...i initially looked at the pic of your bf in front of Tara Donovans work..and was thinking.."oh another piece of brilliant blank canvas with lights on it"...and then with brilliance you showed the pins. That is amazing!

  2. What did you think of Cowgirls Baking? I'm really excited to head over there ASAP!

  3. Wow those pin works are incredible. And I love your coat!!

  4. @Kate - I liked it! We got the BBQ chik'n and mayo sandwich and the XXX sandwich. The XXX sandwich could have used pickles or something but it was good! We got a strawberry tart and brownie for dessert and they were both AWESOME.

    @Teeny - hah! I know that's what I thought when I first walked in.

    @cervix - thank you!


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