I wore this to:
- work for over 12 hours
- eat v-spot takeout lasagna (hence Garfield title!)

This outfit has two secrets.

shoes, shirt/sweatshop retail
tights/maggie's organics
shoe clips/vintage
pin/handmade, @ mocca


Secret #1: This shirt is a flannel dress/tunic that I've always hated on me. So I tucked it into my skirt, which gave it extra volume.

Secret #2: I turned the shirt-collar in so the shirt wouldn't be so plebe.


  1. omgod you're a genius. i always suspected as much though. and i covet your pin, i really really do.

  2. i love your pin. its adorable.
    you did wonders with that tunic.
    great idea turing the collar inside out


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