Dessert City, Baby

A quickie!

Gothamist came up with this Best of Vegan Desserts list, NYC-style.

Vegan cupcakes 2
photo of vegan cupcakes by carabanderson

I love dessert and, strangely, I haven't had any of those options.

Except Babycakes, which my old workplace used to buy for my birthday. I'm not a huge Babycakes fan because I find their cupcakes too crumbly. I found myself swearing to holy heck to an office full of non-vegans that I swear to holy heck that not all vegan cupcakes were that crumbly. I really like their weirdly thick icing, though!


  1. Hi there! Love that you used my picture from Flickr. :) I am a BIG fan of vegan cupcakes.

  2. mmm, those are looking really good to me right now.
    i like the sound of weirdly thick icing, hehe.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Vegan cupcakes! Haven't tried them but they look really tempting. :D

  4. I live really close to Champs Bakery in Williamsburg and I LOVE their cupcakes! Which is kinda a problem for me because I probably eat them more often than I should :-)

    Brooklyn Bliss


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