This week I turned down invitations for thrift store/resale shopping. I've been feeling incredibly lucky in the clothing area thanks to both Kim @ Pineapple Mint and my friend S(f), who should be starting a blog of her own, soon. (I didn't want to say "blessed" because I don't want you to think I'm having a religious experience?)

Along with the red bow belt I bought from Pineapple Mint, a bundle of non-leather belts arrived in the same box! I wish someone filmed me opening the box because it would have looked like a diamond jewelry/wedding proposal commercial.

portrait from wedding
This picture is from this wedding
thank you to Kelly, if you read this!

*I also want to note the dress I mentioned in that
wedding post was hand-made, and not vintage!
Even more impressive and no wonder it was so perfect!

Then my friend (Sf) gave me a load of her really adorable small vintage stuff from her old vintage business. I can't wait until the weather is actually...spring, to show them off! I also can't wait until she starts her own blog because she has cute style and her vintage collection will be the envy of y'all.


  1. Whoa, you ARE lucky! It'll be fun to see pictures of your haul.

    I'm non-religious, but I use the word "blessing" when I'm talking about gifts/good things coming from a friend, not a god.

  2. I will send you some more in a few months! I have several big bins of belts and I skimmed the tops of them for the best vegan options. When more are revealed, I'll send them your way!

  3. Do i smell gushing?! Kim is such a sweetheart!!!! i look forward to your spring outfits.


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