The Black Cats

I wore this to:
- work
- food shop @ co-op
- hug a cat

This day was also the day I carried 45 pounds of groceries home myself. In a backpack and a tote bag and with my hands. I took the bus home and with my bags upon me, managed to get 45 pounds of groceries home without help. In your face, NYC. (I know the weight because I weighed myself with groceries and sans groceries once I got home. Mr. Wizard's World, right here.)

dress, tights, cardigan - sweatshop retail
boots - hearts of darkness, cri de coeur

Oneida on her favorite Eames rocker
(okay, she only has one)

what my bathroom looks like most days

Now you will no longer wonder why my mother likens me to Emily Strange, for better or worse.


  1. Those are 3 beauties I had a black cat growing up (along with 5 other cats too. Yes my parents let me an my 3 siblings have 6 cats!) her name was Stormy. Your adorable kitties remind me of her.

  2. My cats also love hanging out in the bathroom, especially if I'm showering. It's unnerving to pull back the curtain and find an audience.

  3. Kittehs!!!!!! I dunno how you did it. I broke down and bought an old lady cart for my groceries.

  4. Fudge, look at all the kitties. I think I'm going to be winterising many of my dresses...the way you have in this photo.


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