The $100 Shrew and Metrocard Paintings

I only spent $25 out of my $80 Clothing Allowance in March so I had a surplus of $50+. Was it Opposite Month? Who knows. I'm not questioning my luck.

The $25:

toile hoodie
brownie swing jacket
(resale H&M but seems structurally sound)

What did I do with the rest? I bought a shrew.

In March my boyfriend had pieces in the Single Fare gallery show. All art is done on a Metrocard and, no matter who the artist, is up for sale for $100. I highly encourage you to look at the Single Fare blog (linked above) to see what some of these artists were painting on a tiny Metrocard.

J's Metrocard paintings were of people on the subway and he sold two.

His are all here. And he even did one of me:

jesse_metrocard jpg

Since I had additional funds in my coffers, I felt like I could spend the $100 to get an original piece of artwork. Enter my fantastic little shrew by Rafael Perez.

my shrew

{*Again, my tag is "museum" instead of "gallery" because I'm trying to conserve tags.}


  1. Cute finds Jesse....I am on a shopping-ban right now, but i'm wondering if it wouldn't just be easier to have a more stringent budget. I saw your shrew on flickr, it's both pretty cute and also bitey looking.

  2. Nice finds, very cute shrew! I want to let you know that you inspired me to start budgeting for real (using and set a clothing budget for myself. So far it's been really helpful! It's funny because I actually talk to artists a lot about budgeting for my work, but have a hard time doing it in my life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Super cute hoodie & jacket- nice score & absolutely love your little shrew, thanks for turning me onto the Single Fare show- def going to check it out, totally love that they are using metrocards, never understood why the MTA can't recycle them...


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