Your Clothes Will Cost More

Okay, one more quickie.

Clothing prices are going up {I got this link from the GAAD blog}

But they seem to be going up for the same quality and same type of labor.

Do you think this will affect how you actually shop?

For me?


Most of my stuff comes from re-sale or thrift places but I do buy some things new. Shoes. The occasional skirt, usually American Apparel. I've been trying to have new items have at least one redeeming workforce or environmental aspect (aside from no animal parts/by-products), but I'm guessing this might make me focus more on what I'm getting (and what I'm allowing to happen) for the money I'm spending.


  1. 10% increase in prices sounds like a lot. Actually, it IS a lot. I don't shop much, and if I do, it is mostly second hand anyway, so I guess things will not change much for me personally. If I bought new clothes more, I am sure 10% would be a big deal. The few things I might buy new will definitely be more carefully selected as is.

    I'll be interested to see what happens to those countless blogs whose only content is to parade purchases from supposedly-cheap fast-fashion chains...

  2. 10% is not a lot - a $9 shirt from Forever 21 will be $9.90 as a result. I've become a lot more mindful of what I buy and what it supports, and I'm selling a lot of my trendier clothing and trying to keep a more "classic" wardrobe, so I don't have to worry about looking either too trendy or too outdated. I've repaired my (secondhand) leather boots twice, even though I could have bought a new pair for the money, because I'd hate to waste resources when the pair I have is still good as new.

    I also despise IKEA, which is tangentially related to the topic at hand, for their awful quality. The IKEA couch I have is breaking, and I'd rather not have one than deal with more particleboard. Their environmental policies are negligent at best, and their CEO, the 7th richest man in the world, haggles with local farmers over the price of produce.

  3. see great minds do think a like or is that link alike? (ok that's not funny) but you know what I mean : )

  4. I think our shopping habits are quite similar, so I don't think it will affect me too much. I'll be interested to see how rising prices affect the UK high street - there are so many fast fashion shops selling poor quality clothes for cheap, and the consumer has probably become used to that. But it really wasn't that long ago (10 years or less) that clothing was more expensive, but you took care of garments instead of wearing a dress out for a party then chucking it away.

  5. A rise in prices will likely me even more reluctant to buy fast fashion. Pay more for terrible quality and production processes? No thanks. I wouldn't mind paying 10% more on new items that will actually last.


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