When is it a pin, when is it a brooch?

I wore this to:
- work
- walk around with office foster cat hair on my behind all day

dress/gift from coworker @ last job
shirt/sweatshop retail
pin/vintage, ??
flats/sweatshop retail

Pin Detail


I am god-awful at accessorizing so I've been trying to pull out the pins, scarves, bells and whistles lately. Since I was so late to my morning meeting, I didn't pull out the pin until I got home. I figure if I've been in an accessory-less outfit all day, the least I can do is mentally prepare myself to accessorize the next time I wear said outfit.

I think this is a pin. It's bauble-ness nearly caused me to deem it a brooch. And then I realized I don't actually know the difference.

According to this, they're synonymous. And someone mentioned that if it has rhinestones, they're more likely to refer to it as a brooch, so now I don't feel so bad.


  1. for sweatshop retail- that's a pretty shirt.
    Also tomorrow I'm doing a post on something you inspired... and yes it has to do with chocolate
    : )

  2. Nice outfit! It's a brooch and will always be a brooch to me because 'pin' isn't used in British English, eg PROPER ENGLISH (joking).

  3. Hmm... I have neither any pins nor brooches but I want to venture in this category, possibly via eBay. I like the green/golds in this shirt and the black dress. All around winning outfit.

  4. The pattern on the shirt is so pretty! Why have I never thought to wear a button-up under a dress? I don't know the difference either but I always go with brooch = rhinestones, jewels, etc. are involved, pin = silver or gold tone only

  5. I vote pin, as well.
    Interesting they are interchangeable.
    I would call something a brooch if it was bigger, maybe.
    Never thought about this interchangeable word usage!

  6. This outfit is adorable and my vote is for brooch cause of all the rhinestones.

  7. I love this look on you! And your red lip is a fantastic foil to your dark hair and pale skin. Winning!

  8. I love the pin!

    I usually think of a brooch as bigger. And if it's ugly, plain, made out of metal, or advertising something (like cancer awareness or something), it's a pin. Though pins can also be pretty and baubl-y. So brooches can be pins but not all pins can be brooches. Like squares and rectangles. Am I overthinking this? =)


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