A Tiger in Your Glass

Agreed, I've disappeared from the innernettes. Work has been busy and so has life and I know no one likes it when the poor internet has to suffer but sometimes it must.

I wore this to:

- go to a Year of the Rabbit party
- bring bunny cheezy crackers and white bean/dill dip
- make OJ from concentrate

Downing OJ

cardigan/beacon's closet
shirt-dress/stoop sale
pants/aged sweatshop retail (4yo?)
shoes/vintage pleather via etsy

1) I'm not a rabbit year, I'm a tiger. But that didn't stop me from stuffing my face during a Year of the Rabbit party, hovering over a table of vegan delights (kimchi pancakes, dumplings, seitan on puff pastry, marinated mushrooms on crostini, stromboli, apple pie and sweet potato pie) and eating for 4 hours

2) I experimented with the culinary feat of making OJ from concentrate yesterday. At the food co-op I realized my cart was pushing max capacity. I'm limited in what I can buy -- only what I can carry in my backpack and large tote and haul on the 1.5 mile trip home. I really had a hankering for OJ so I opted for a can of concentrate for the first time in my life. While it tastes like diner OJ, I still enjoy it and it enabled me to still use public transportation and manpower to get my groceries home instead of using a car. In the rain. And not wuss out. And I was carrying a dozen 14 oz cans and a 4# bag of cat food. Just want some points for that one. Okay? I love you, New York.

Anyway, this is what ties 1 and 2 together:


My favorite tiger-at-the-bottom glass.
I am using it in the top picture with con-OJ.
And I got it at Green Village.

P.S. I bought real oranges too. Hamlins and blood orange ones.


  1. I like your cardigan -- such a great color -- and the tiger glass is fun. I get groceries on foot as well (though usually with a stroller) and there's a specific urban-dweller pride that swells when you gaze on the pile of food you brought home without a car.

  2. Way to go, fearless non-hunter/pro-gatherer!

  3. Your cardigan is really cute, I like the big buttons. And it matches your juice. And tiger glass. I am a rooster, which is not cool like a tiger. :(

  4. Oh, a year of the rabbit party sounds so fun. As fun as that feisty glass. I'm an ox. They are hard workers, blah blah blah. I got the boring animal.


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