Salty Choco-love

I wore this to:
- work
- eat dinner at Whole Foods Bowery
- shop @ food co-op
- purchase a box of 12 Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt bars

black cord jacket/sweatshop retail
dress/kimchi & blue via buffalo exchange
maggie's organics cotton tights
blk satin flats/sweatshop retail

chocolove almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate

That's right. I now have a dozen of these babies. When our food co-op started carrying them on the seasonal shelf, I fell in love with them. After the holidays, I wasn't able to find them in our standard Chocolove section, which is chock-full of every disgusting Chocolove flavor I never want to eat. *sigh* {My food co-op also discontinued carrying my favorite bar, the Ricemilk Choco}

Last night I noticed there was an empty box on the shelf under a "Salt and Almonds" price sticker. My much-taller beau noticed there was an unopened box of 12 up above and procured it for me.

Me: Shouldn't we open it so I can take a few bars?
Him: Why don't you just buy the whole box?
Me: The whole box? ...the whole thing? 12?...okay.

I am so easily led astray. We'll see how long this box lasts.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. Have you tried the ginger ones? SO good. I spent a small fortune on them back in NM, and it was worth it.

  2. I also enjoy sea salt chocolove. Perhaps you'll lose respect for me, however, as I also like the Mexican cayenne pepper too.

  3. I love chocolate with salt in it. I'm scared to think about how quickly those would disappear at my house.

  4. Co-conspirators in chocolate procurement I see. Congrats! You look lots happier this winter.

  5. I have never seen that kind before!! I need to find one

  6. Okay, I have never heard of Chocolove. Must get some. I am all for hoarding what you love.

  7. That outfit is so cute! I love the jacket. Aaaand now I need some chocolate.

  8. I went searching for this and everywhere had every kind BUT this one :(!!!!

  9. Twelve? That's nothing. Those will be gone in a month, tops.


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