Put a hat on it!

I wore a color! Sorry for the crapola iphone picture in my boyfriend's mirror but I felt I should document my temporary vibrancy.

I wore this to:
- work
- climb down a 7' pit under a freight elevator to rescue a scared cat (...no kidding)
- go to Vegan Drinks
- eat at Quantum Leap (lentil & walnut burger - meh)

Luckily the cat was friendly and a rescue group was able to take him.

photo 2.JPG
top/Brklyn thrift store

This is not the same cat we rescued
from the freight elevator shaft today.

This is a cat I rescued a few years ago.
She is probably 4 by now!

I just felt like I needed a cat picture, given the day's circumstances.


Also, personal style bloggers, answer me this:

Is it me or is the new thing to "put a hat on it"?
(Yes, a la "put a bird on it")

I feel like before we all "put a belt on it" -- but now we're all about "put a hat on it"? I can't tell you how many times I scrolled through someone's outfit pictures and realized that the reason I felt they looked so dressed up was because they were wearing a hat.

I don't know if I will ever be able to tread hat territory.

I'm feeling a little punchy today. So.

photo 2.JPG


  1. The hat makes SUCH a difference.

  2. Jesse...your hair...it grows and grows, I'm eternally jealous. And I'm almost speechless about your special hat. But, you know, I'm all for creativity sooooooo...nope still almost speechless.

  3. That hat! Marvelous!
    Color looks good on you, btw.

  4. I bet you look great in hats! They're a pain to store in small New York apartments tho-

  5. Hats! Yeah hats are tricky- I really only wear them to the beach.

    Awesome that you pulled out some superhero skills to rescue the kitty.

  6. hehe put a hat on it made me laugh pretty hard right now. I'm all about beanies though- need to keep my ears warm!

    The photo of the kitty is so hilarious, poor little baby!

  7. haha.
    Love that color & cut of the shirt.
    And, yes, your hair looks fab!!
    Aw kitties.
    Thanks for being a rescuer!

  8. You do look very put together in that hat! I an not much of a "hat person" either, but I think I can be now that I grew my hair out - it used to stick out at odd angles because it was so short! You look great in that sherbet orange!

  9. i totally put a hat on it!
    i think you could do a real-life orange hat! the hypothetical one just looks good! i'm totally serious. you should find yourself an orange hat asap!

    also, you (and your hair) are looking totally babely.


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