Orange Valentines

I'm not one for Valentine's Day. As a young punk kid, I actually used to have a zine called I Hate Valentines Day about a decade ago. But I do enjoy this idea of fruit as a valentine. {links to Re-Nest}

picture via Re-Nest
apple, pear and banana options, too

I know they're likely not local for us New Yorkers, but it's a nice comestible waste-compostable idea. (And you could always create a pun around your local delicious produce, I suppose.)


  1. Yes, very cute. haha, this is bad...but i was thinking what could you put for apple...."I'm so h-apple-y to see you!"?

  2. They set that one up for you!

  3. Great idea! It's always seemed wrong that we express our love for people by rotting their teeth...

    I expect a lot of "Apple of my eye" jokes, a phrase people only seem to use when handling actual apples.

  4. I remember that zine, I Hate Valentines Day! I'm sure I still have a copy somewhere too... I can't remember who wrote it, but I bet Jenna at the Barnard Zine Library knows!


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