Mystery Dress

I wore this to: work and food shop @ the food coop

dress/beacon's closet
tights/american aparel
shoes/sweatshop retail
belt/beacon's closet

This dress needs to hit the tailor for a good hemming. I tried to hitch it up with the belt but I don't how the hell you ladies do it. It was uneven all day long.

I can't figure out the origins of this dress. It originally struck me as a little Golden Girls but it looks like it was a sample. Inside is a charming-penmanship $79 hand-written tag but there are no other tag to be seen. So, it's not vintage. Looks like either a small run of something or a smaller designer?


  1. Hmm... well it's an awesome dress. I like the shoulder and wrist details. And it fits you like a glove. Way to find such awesomeness. I agree it will look even better with a couple inches hacked off.

  2. ohh, lucky you! it's a great dress!

  3. Well, the colors are fantastic, whatever it's origins.

  4. I adore this dress and have several stripey similar styled dresses in my etsy faves. It looks perfect for cooler weather.

  5. The dress is amazing!
    I really love it.


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