Lucky I Don't Surf

I wore this to:
- help Pinnacle distro magazines in front of Conde Nast
- left early to go to work
- work
- stop by Vegan Drinks v. Bushwick @ Pinebox

shirt/sweatshop retail
skirt/sweatshop retail, tailored
tights/sweatshop retail

And only one deer pun was hurled at me that day.

The necklace is a pendant I've never quite been able to identify. I got it at a charity shop, initially thinking it was something astrology-related that I could figure out. Not so! Sometimes I worry it's like the tiki pendant in the Brady Bunch episode where Greg has his surfing accident.

Lucky I don't surf.


  1. I love your skirt - reminds me of old wall hangings people have in their basements!

  2. hahaha, LOVE the skirt. And the Brady Bunch ref. Loren and I joked about that the entire time we were in HI>

  3. and lucky there are no tarantulas.
    Love that skirt : )


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