Lame, Urban Oufitters. Totally Lame.

While they'd pledged not to sell real fur, they did anyway. And then denied it...and suddenly the item got pulled. They're still denying it. Their lack of transparency is troubling.

{Edited: UO actually admits the fur was real, now, and apologized. They stated it was an "unacceptable mistake" and they still take their sans-fur pledge seriously and are trying to uphold it. The mislableing originated from the product vendor’s factory. From a consumer awareness perspective, this situation urges consumers to pay attention to what they're buying. via Pinnacle}

Josh Katcher's video, where he shows you the garment and how to spot fur, is below.

While this sort of thing happens at a lot of stores, most don't make a fur-free statement. Why bother making the promise unless you plan to uphold it? No one forced them to state that they wouldn't sell fur.

The Truth in Labeling Act has gone through so I'm not sure when/where/how there would be ramifications or penalties and designated by whom, but I'm looking into it. (If you have any information, please feel free to link me or share in the comments.)

Resource links:
HR2480 via Govtrak
FTC Fur Products Regulation


  1. You know, I thought those prices were high enough to be real fur.

  2. wow.
    why? so unnecessary.
    all of it.
    urban not admitting + torturing animals for vanity.

  3. I gave up shopping at UO a few years ago because I hate their advertising (young girls partially naked in suggestive poses), but this gives me more motivation never to set foot in there again!

    Thanks for posting the video.

  4. Thanks for posting the video! The vintage shop I work in has a strict no-fur policy, but sometimes it can be hard to tell. UO hasn't been on the UK high street for long, and it's even more overpriced here because of the $-£ conversion.

  5. I've heard that a lot of allegedly faux fur is actually real, because (brace yourself) dog fur is cheaper than synthetic.
    UO's image and its reality are much too far apart.


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