(In Pictures) Mending Circle, Homage to Fashion Week

TAC (Textile Arts Center) hosted a Mending Circle in homage of Fashion Week. Not surprisingly, this is the only kind of Fashion Week stuff in which I'm interested to play an active part. The instructions were to bring one item to mend and partake in their supplies to complete that action. From the TAC site, their quote:

Our society produces far too many textiles, with a huge impact on the environment. The “wear-tear-and-buy-new” cannot be an acceptable attitude. So starting in 2011, we all need to be responsible for the change.

I brought three because I couldn't decide and ended up having time to work on all of them.

TAC's Front Window


Working on taking in a coat


Working on a dress


The screenprinting stuff


Working on repairing coat lining


My items:

Screenprinted over an olive oil stain on this gray shirt.

Sewed up a cuff hole on this little boys' shirt.

Appliqued a wolf puppy on this gray knit henley.
The cotton flannel he's made out of should mat nicely over time.

It also had an armpit hole I repaired;
I got this from the Jezebel swap.

My friend S(f)'s screenprinted and hand-dyed thrifted Moschino sweater:

A big thank you to TAC for opening it's doors and drawers for the Mending Circle. And for creating place where people like me can mend socially. Because I know I will never do it on my own.


  1. Cool - every town and city should have something like this.

  2. This is SUCH a great idea. I like mending, personally, but I'd like it better with friends and a change of scenery. I usually save up my mending to accompany a half-interesting movie.

    So cool.

  3. I'm pretty effing stoked with what you achieved! i had never thought of screenprinting over those grease stains (that i often get from kids fingers). That dog applique is awesome. Would love to see more of this, or I guess i could do some for myself hey.

  4. i'm actually totally wishing we had something like this available where i live. boo. will have to motivate myself to try.

  5. Hello, Your wolf applique is beautiful. My daughter Anna is 7 and adores wolves. I've been looking for an inspiration for something to sew onto one of her tshirts and now I've found it. I hope you won't mind if I sew on something very similar for her. : ) Thank you!!!


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