I Love a One-Toothed Wonder

I wore this to:
- work?
- be super boring
- all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

shirt/sweatshop retail (2yo?)
skirt/american apparel

tights/maggies organics

shoes/vintage pleather off etsy

necklace/brooklyn thrift store

Black Flowers
(you are surprised?)

It took herculean effort to change my necklace from my Odette rabbit to this one, which I got for 4% of the price of the Odette necklace. I don't resent that. I enjoy supporting small businesses. I just think the relative amount we pay for things is sometimes so strange.

The Fox Cat


As a side note, my reformed-feral cat only has one tooth left in his mouth and when he yawns I'm always disappointed if I miss it, because seeing his one cute little tooth in a whole set of gums makes my heart swell. Aw shucks.


  1. That necklace is incredible!

    I think we have to (quietly) exchange thrift stores - I found one that has a genuine dollar rack, vintage beaded sweaters for $10, and a legit sale rack.

  2. That is a great necklace. I've been attempting jewelry lately and failing.
    Have you been enjoying the unseasonable weather the past couple days? 50s and sunny AND no allergies. Heaven.


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