Hired Gun

I wore this to:
- work
- eat the blueplate breakfast special @ Curly's
- got to see this lady again
(*she sent a very charming stripper to her 10 year h.s. reunion as her - that's the video)

Non- (10-Year-Reunion) -Goer

dress/sweatshop retail
tights/maggies organics
satin ballet flats/sweatshop retail
pleather belt/brooklyn thrift store

Why do people go to their reunions? If you like people, aren't you in touch anyway? And if not, why would I want to pay for a special trip out of a morbid curiosity for a random sampling of people that were once forced into my life? (Some of them lovely, but still.) Do you have any good high school reunion stories?

I was going to talk about winter but if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


  1. that video is sooo awesome. what an ingeious idea. my school didn't have a 10yr high school reunion. I wouldn't have gone anyway. the only two people I want to see from high school are still two of my closest friends. I'm glad to have survived & escaped the train wreck that is high school (and suburbia).

  2. That dress is excellent!

    My graduating class had well over 800 students in it, so I probably wouldn't have even known more than 1/8th of them, let alone remembered anything about them.

  3. I didn't go to mine....I AM in a different country to my school now but I wouldn't have gone anyway. And after seeing the photos, I am glad I didn't. Same ole same ole, except more make-up and glittery shiny dresses.

  4. My senior year of high school, I told people not to expect me at the reunion.

    It wasn't bitchy, it was just reality!


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