Half Pint

I wore this to:

- see my friend do a reading within a dance performance
- brunch @ s'nice with my friend M
- see Carlos, all 5 and a half hours of it
- celebrate my boyfriend's birthday

I have finally realized that if I'm not posting photos to Wardrobe Remix on flickr, I don't need to take a full-length photo. Who needs to see my jeans and black ankle boots again?

all/beacon's closet resale

Despite trying not to be trite by talking about the weather constantly, I have to say that one 60 degree day was a total tease. I am not equipped to handle more winter. More snow. When I woke up Monday morning to snow peacefully blanketing the trees outside the apartment window, the only thing that would come out of my mouth were #@$!%*%&% expletives.

It's at the point where the cold is going to push me over the edge into a mental nosedive.


  1. I know, I am over winter. We just got like 16 inches of fresh snow after a bunch of it melted and now it's supposed to snow AGAIN! Noooooooo!

    There's something adorably British about your look today - maybe it's just the combination of your hair and the button-up shirt? Regardless, it's phenomenal!

  2. I love that blouse. I have a thing for patterned long sleeve shirts with jumpers. I think it is the best combination. Beautiful!! xoxo

  3. I am very jealous. That blouse and dress combination is perfect. Autumn is starting here now...the mornings are cooling off. I sense Spring will be with you soon. (OH MY GOD DON'T I SOUND LIKE A PRETENTIOUS SAGE!)

  4. You know- Just relish in the fact that we have more hours or daylight in New York. I'm sinking my teeth into that one, tiny, positive element of late Feb.

  5. Cute outfit!

    And what did you think of Carlos? Worth the 5.5 hours?

  6. Aaaaah, sorry i haven't been around to comment on your blog in FOREVER! I don't know where my mind is at. I love your floral top, with the jumper looking thing its just pure cuteness! ANd yeah...what the heck with that warm day we had...then SNOW? grrrrr


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