Groundhog Day

I wore this to:
- be interviewed about Groundhog Day for Channel 2 News
- work
- have dinner with my friend A @ V-Note
- befriend the other pedestrian slowly and precariously sidestepping black ice on my 10 minute walk home from the subway

sweater/resale, ??
scarflette/handmade gift from coworker SC!
pants/sweatshop retail
boots/sweatshop retail (kors)

On handmade items:

I was just thinking about all of the handmade knit stuff I have, and how I struggle to even make a basic scarf. It started when I was sitting on my couch, engulfed in a blanket knit by my grandmother while trying to master continental knitting (will explain how that came to be later). And, while I always respected the craft, I now respect it more. Today I wore a scarflette my coworker knit me. I've worn it before as outerwear but the was the first time I wore it as uh, innerwear.

On Channel 2:

I have no tv channels because I cannot trust myself with cable (also, why bother these days?) so I have no idea if I made it on the news as a dude-on-the-street opining about the weather but having a huge honking camera in my face 5 minutes after I left the apartment was a nice way to start the day. It was very, you know, Groundhog Day, The Movie.


  1. Despite loving that movie, I ALWAYS miss Groundhog Day. Perhaps because it's on so few calendars...

    Your scarflette makes a jaunty little cravat.

  2. That is so fun you were on the news, and looking terribly cute! (maybe someone will post it to youtube?)

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Cool that you were on the news. I used to get interviewed a lot when I was more of an activists, and lived in a much smaller city (where being Asian was a Big Deal).
    The red scarflette looks great with your lip color. And I dig your sweater.

  4. I love the wee scarflette! the colour really suits you! wheee for your co worker!

    how fun that you were interviewed! I'd love to know what you sound like!

  5. I love this, so mod and frenchy!

  6. Love what you are wearing here. The scarflette and the lipstick look perfect.


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