Drunk with Glory

Is it just me or are work and winter combined really kicking your a$$? I no longer want to go outside and the only two places I ever am is home and work.

I wore this to:
- work
- work late

cardigan/sweatshop retail
tights/american apparel
flats/sweatshop retail
brooch/some kind of secondhand

Brooch Detail

Just like the other post where I actually wore a pin-brooch, this one happened when I got home. In order to be punctual for a (9am!) morning meeting, I had to skip accoutrements. I decided I'd troubleshoot what I would have accessorized with when I got home. It's like an official training program for my mind to remember accessories. One day I'm going to get up - early for a meeting, even - and throw on a brooch. And I'll walk out the door, thinking, "This is what I've trained for all my life. Yes!" And I shall be drunk with glory.

I think we can all agree this rhinestoned honker is a brooch.

I need to find another word for "accessorize". I feel like a home shopping channel host when I say it.


  1. Hello! In response to your comment about the pink dress, I completely hounded etsy for ages for one - i couldn't get one in NZ as we have no historical affiliation with such gorgeous garments. I think mine was $20US? Which I thought was a great price. You know what? the only substitute word I can think of right now for 'accessory' is unfortunately (this makes me want to puke a bit 'bling-bling' may I suggest you don't refer to your accessories as 'blingbling' though. you may lose readers. Oh, and I really like your brooch.

  2. I think you've just showed me how I can wear an oversized cardigan that just arrived on my doorstep. This brooch is marvelous. Yes, I'm going with brooch here!

  3. How about you embellish, acent or adorn your outfits? Not sure those will work but I tried. lol. In the fashion world we use the word embellish/embellishment when we add things like sequins, sparkles, felt patches, grommets etc to an item. So maybe it could work.


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