I wore this to:
- experience 3 subway service changes on my trip to my friend's house
- promise I'll never leave Brooklyn on weekend again - thanks, subway!
- arrive @ a baby's 1st birthday later than I wanted
- learn that lack of 2/3 trains was because of the murder rampage
- eat a Dun-well donut and a (vegan) cinnamon bun for breakfast
- skip the vegan bakesale fundraiser for Darwin Animal Doctors (sugar overload/subway effort)

top/beacon's closet resale
jeans/sweatshop retail
shoes/vintage pleather via etsy
headband/sweatshop rickys

This was from the weekend; I'm running behind with posting this stuff.

I have only worn this once before but I wore it to give the worst work-related conference presentation that I've ever given so I avoided wearing it ever again. I am generally a decent public speaker but I have no idea what happened that time and it was only a room of about 30 people! I figured I could wear it again now (2 years later) as long as I wasn't wearing it in any work-related capacity. Bad Presentation Cooties can't get me on the weekends.


  1. I lurve this top on you. Please share the secret to wearing this silhouette- I am "ample" in the bosom and tend to look 9 months gone when I wear this trapeze style. Yet you look charming and demure! And your hair-do is divine.

  2. That top is so sweet so I hope the cooties are gone and you can wear it more often!

  3. That bow is adorable, and really makes the outfit perfect!

  4. Ah, the monster murderer of Brooklyn. Sorry that he bummed up your weekend plans. Also, that top is pretty amazing. Maybe if you washed it with vinegar the cooties would be neutralized.

  5. Regardless of it's luck capability, that blouse/shirt is very cute. Creepy murder guy! I took the link and after reading it felt like i wanted to stay indoors all day. no such luck with 2 kids though. boo.

  6. Thought you'd appreciate this mockery of modcloth copywriting.

  7. Thanks for mentioning us....we hope you liked the doughnut :)

  8. I am with Teeny: creepy murder guy, indeed. I hate reading stuff like that, it makes me way too scared of life. :(

    But that top is wonderful. Love it!


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