Telepathy Won Me This Belt Buckle

I wore this to: work; shop @ the food co-op in my new (old) brown shoes

dress/can't recall
shoes/etsy, posted here
couch belt
belt buckle by Walking Dune {etsy}

So, I "won" this awesome buckle at a holiday party yankee swap. How did I get so lucky, you ask? It was a grueling journey to the buckle. But first I'm going to show you two more buckles I'm coveting from the buckle-making Etsyian who brought a wood buckle to the yankee swap, right when I was looking for one:


The Rosewood

Both from Walking Dune {etsy}


I'm 2nd to pick a gift. The first gift I open is large and puffy-ish. It's a lap desk! Great. Lap desks remind me of the kind of leisurely, sedentary lifestyle I aspire to live on a daily basis. Keeping the lap desk.

Someone opens a pair of mens' size 9 Havianas. And they're stealing my lap desk. Now I have a pair of mens' Havianas that are so large I could use them as a serving tray.

A guy (probably a size 9 shoe or highly sympathetic) opens a Shake It. Which is an As Seen on TV exercise item, for those of you who don't have channels to see As Seen on TV stuff on. Like me. So he"steals" my mens' size 9 Havianas (good riddance). And now I have a Shake It. (Do you need to Google it? I'll wait.)

A woman opens a Mad Men illustrated book. I figure she will love this because most women love Mad Men (except me). My apathy for Mad Men works against me because she, too, is apathetic towards Mad Men and wants my Shake It! I now have a Mad Men cartoon book but no interest in watching Mad Men. Much less lounging around looking at cartoons of it. I proclaim this loudly and make a deal with the girl across from me who literally gasped when said Mad Men book was unveiled from its wrapping paper, hoping she opens something good.

Then. A woman who I'm assuming had to have been somewhat intoxicated opens My Buckle. Except she opens it backwards and thinks the buckle is some kind of mouse trap. But then she figured it out. It's a nice wood belt buckle. And -- this is where my luck changes -- she looks indecisive.

I stare at her, trying to telepath "I really really want the buckle. You love Mad Men cartoons; you're a lady!" and then, in slow-motion, she hands me the buckle and I practically whip Mad Men cartoons in her direction and proceed to hide my belt buckle lest anyone remembers I have it. I'm pretty sure everyone experienced the moment in slow-motion too. Not just me. It was that momentous.

And there you have it, blog-pals. That is how I telepathed my way to a wood belt buckle.


  1. seriously, I would have hit someone over the head to get that buckle. It's awesome and I now want one.

  2. I hate yankee swaps! I always get screwed. I ended up with a pound of M&M's one year. I'm glad it worked out so well for you!

  3. @ Teeny - thank you! :)

    @ Dog - right?

    @ Caitlin - I think I really had luck on my side. I kept thinking about the prior year's party where someone got bacon jam. :/

  4. this is insane! I'm glad you ended up with something nice that you wanted. This is straight out of that Office episode with the ipod! I hate these kind of parties, talk about making things awkward!

  5. @ Eli - seriously! The hostess told me that the person who ended up with her gift ended up at the party late and drunk and kept complaining about what she got and pestering the hostess to tell her who brought "such a lame gift" and finally the hostess said, "Actually I brought that gift" and the drunk whiner finally shut up!

  6. 1. I am dazzled by your powers
    2. Nice buckle!


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