Say It Ain't So, Pointy Toe

I hate it when Refinery 29 is the harbinger of shoe death.

Get Ready for the (Actual) Return of the Pointed-Toe Flat Pump

Their assertion that what department stores buy is what we'll see on the streets is true, damn it. I love the transparency of calling them the "Big Kids" since their direction is our command (and if not now, 10 years from now when we buy this crap as vintage).

I will do my best to put the breaks on the "pointed-toe flat pump" (also what the hell is a "flat pump"?). Thankfully 50% of my shoes are vintage ones from Etsy anyway.


  1. No. Boo. Pointy toe anything is not my idea of a good time. They are especially crap for my long and wide feet. I had a "means girls" type prof in grad school who used to urge me to wear pointy toed shoes to "elongate the legs." I never understood that. Is something curling up off the ends of toes, elf style, gonna trick onlookers into thinking I have Giselle's legs?

  2. Okay I'm weird- I know, but most of my shoes have a bit of a point - or almond shape to them. Maybe it's because 90% of my shoes are vintage. I man they're not super pointy - but they are aren't rounded.

    I don't think they make my shrimpy self look like I have long legs- but I do like the sort of Italy in the 60's look of a less round toed shoe. Anyhow I'm a weirdo. But I don't listen to "the big kids" and I'll keep on wearing my nerdy shoes, clogs and boots.

    Really, the only think I like about this new shoe trend push is that they are pushing flats. Something I've been pushing for for years. Yeah I have heels- for meetings at the office and parties - but the rest of my sidewalk/pavement walking days are spent in comfy flat shoes.

  3. I'm with La Fille D'or on this one. I don't have any OBSCENELY pointed shoes, but shoes with round toes make me feel like Mickey Mouse. The shoes from the "cutest ballet flats" round-up after the article mostly looked gently pointed and totally normal to me, nothing new.

    I have a hard time finding cool shoes.

  4. I've got wide toes, so pointy-toe shoes don't work well for me. A bit of a point, sure, but the early 00's super-point? Not so much. At least it's flats this time around. Sigh.

  5. I haaaate pointy-toe shoes. They look like witch shoes. Ugly. Almond toes are fine :)

  6. Yes, yes, a bit of a point, OK, but please, please let's not bring back those witch shoe extreme points that were popular around the city circa 2001. I shudder when I think of them!

  7. No, no, no. Pointed-toe shoes destroyed my feet back in the day: it is impossible to fit ones toes in those damn things properly. Just because they are flat it doesn't mean they are comfortable.


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