Saving my pennies for these

cri de coeur charisma

Cri de Coeur Charisma boots

Since I've pledged to only wear flats from hereon out, I would like a second pair of knee- or calf-high boots. Since I love my CDC/Hearts of Darkness Splendor boots, I thought the Charisma boots in grey would be a good second pair.

Trying to get myself to sit on my clothing budget for 2 months to afford them is another issue entirely. I am paranoid that they'll be out of my size by the time I can afford them.


  1. They are beautiful. Maybe if you've been successful after the first month, buy them and have someone else hold them until you've saved up the money proper (I know that your shoe size is pretty popular, as is mine).

  2. Very pretty boots! You are smart to make a clothing budget. I just over spend, feel guilty (and very broke), promise never to spend money on clothes again, and then the cycle starts all over again...

  3. Shet. Do you have layby in the States? Or an equivalent? You know...where you sort of reserve them and pay a bit each week? I'd totally be paranoid about the size running out. And they are AWESOME boots. I love them.

  4. These are gorgeous- I actually saw a cheaper version on GoJane today. You should look into them. And thanks for visiting/commenting my blog, I really appreciate it.

  5. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a stylish blogger award because I really like your blog! It's here -

  6. Woah. Those are awesome boots. Though, I have a pair of calf high Doc's that take me 15 minutes to tie myself into. Lacing them up is only half the worry, kicking your way in and getting them off can be a pain as well. I always have to make sure I have enough time to put my boots on in the morning, or else I slip on the easier snow boots and change at work. Better allot yourself the money and the time to wear these.


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