Romping Through the Pine Barrens

I wore this to:
- go on a wedding-brunch constitutional in the Pine Barrens
- see mouse body-prints in the snow

Vaute Couture Vaute Coat
Kors moto-rainboots
handmade scarf/fundraiser for cat vet bills
mustard fingerless mittens/Score swap
black hat/Xmas gift from grandparents!
neighborhood sale sunglasses

My boyfriend's friend had a winter wedding in Westhampton last weekend. The couple is awesome and their friends were fun to hang out with. I feel intrusive about posting any wedding shots though they're in my flickr stream if you want to poke around. They both looked amazing, especially the bride's vintage custom-made vintage-inspired and voluminous dress. There, I linked it.

I didn't take any pictures of my dress but their artist friend was taking portraits so - we posed with a cornucopia of dried flours, baby heads and clementines. So maybe I'll be able to share those with you.

We got to hang out in the hot tub while it was snowing with some of the other wedding guests. Best. (Hot tubs = not great for manicures, FYI.)

From the hot tub I got to run down an icy driveway to the house in my bathing suit, a damp towel and flip flops. When I got to the (glass) door, everyone was dancing and the music was loud and -- the door was stuck. I couldn't get it open! And no one saw me or heard me knocking a for almost a minute. It was like a bad '80s movie: outside in the snow in a bathing suit, knocking on a glass door where people were dancing just 3 feet in front of me but couldn't hear or see me! When they opened the door I ran through the dance floor to the bathroom to get back into my dress. Post haste. No millisecond was spared.

In summary - a very nice wedding for very nice people and the following morning we met them at their house and went for a nice long walk in the very snowy Pine Barrens.

Mice prints!
Pine Barrens Constitutional

Tree Canopy
Pine Barrens Constitutional

Horse Trail
Horse path


  1. the photo of the mice prints is amazing!

  2. Eeee those mice prints are adorable!

    Sounds like you had an awesome time - other than being stuck in an 80s movie, that is!

  3. That IS a great wedding dress.

    The mouse prints confuse me; are these mice leaping? Do they fall through a soft spot in the snow every foot?

  4. I'm with the above comment, how do they do that? that is so awesome.

    On NYE we walked as a large group to a friends house and we got separated as a friend tended to a drunk girl in a medical emergency. When we got to our destination, we could see our friends dancing on the second story window while us, the other half, yelled and waved at them from outside to get their attention because the doors were locked. And it was raining.

  5. Hahahahahahaha! I can't believe that stuff happens to people in real life! And I know you must of been thinking the same thing when you were standing out there in the cold! I saw your flickr stream, looked like a fab time.

  6. I've never been to the pine barrens, but it looks beautiful. We had to make a relief map of NJ when I was a kid (and I put the mountains in incorrectly) and my teacher, who lived in the PB, was raving about how lovely they were.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. You sound really chill about freezing your ass off! I would probably have been banging on the glass, planning how I was going to murder all the people inside.

  8. Your bright scarf and mittens are so fun and those mouse prints are so cool! Your friend's dress is fabulous - I love the gold color, it's such a great alternative to white!


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