Pictures Don't Lie

This weather is proving to be a victorious opponent, even against long-johns under jeans and 2 pairs of socks. After this last bout of snow the only footwear I'm wearing is waterproof rainboots. I've been lazing about in jeans and sweaters and have but one outfit from last week I'd bothered documenting. And it sucked.

I wore this to: work late; meet up with bf

dress, retail (h&m)
sweater, zara via thrift
maggie's organics tights
cri de coeur charisma boots

I thought I'd be in love with this pairing but, after seeing the pictures uploaded, the sweater should have been a darker color. Maybe just a navy sweater vest and white belt next time.

Had I been able to wear it with ballet flats, I might have liked it better. But I probably won't see ballet flats again until May at this rate.

Oh, and I bought the boots! I ended up buying them for full price online -- thankfully when I saw the Pure Citizen sale, the gray boots I wanted weren't on sale anyway. (Thank you for pointing out that sale, Erika!)


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