Penguins, Lions and Drawings

Oh, this dang snow! Luckily my feral cats have a clear path to their food & water, most people shoveled and the roads were plowed so I could get Oneida to her vet appointment! (Corneal ulcer: healed! No debriding for us!)

However I totally bit it while walking across the street! I didn't remember there was a metal construction plate under all that snow and did a slow motion fall. One second I was walking, then sliding and then I was sitting on the ground, looking around to see if anyone saw me tank in the middle of the road. (3 people.)

Since I'm hermiting, I'm giving you another "Stuff I Live With" installment.

My Toy Shelf

Toy Shelf

This penguin is the earliest toy I can remember picking out. I was at the Bronx Zoo when I was 5 (before my zoo-thoughts were formed) and I remember picking this out at the souvenir shop.

She has a little surprise - can you guess what it is?

2 little surprises, really.
(Used to be 3 but I lost one.)
Toy Shelf

Toy Shelf

My cowardly lion doll is the one of the only Wizard of Oz dolls I have left from childhood. Above them is a framed drawing my boyfriend drew of my toy shelf when he was doing Thing a Day February 2009.

He drew my backyard, too, on a day when we first started dating and I got a stomach bug and he was locked in my apartment all morning. It's actually one of his best-selling prints in his Etsy shop.

I like to think that we're breaking some kind of gender dynamic by him having an Etsy shop and me, not.


  1. AND IT TOOK YOU THIS LONG TO TELL US! a) about your TOY shelf and b) that your boyf has a wicked Etsy store. You are a secret-keeping champ. So funny, I was in a Salvation army shop today and there was a kewpie type baby doll in there, i automatically thought of you! Psychic.

  2. Nice pictures! I agree with the above comment - it took you this long to tell us, especially about your talented boyfriend?

  3. That penguin, that print! I am convinced that I need a print now but which one? I can only hang it over my desk, because my blokey has monopoly control over most of the wall spaces in our apt.
    Your kitties don't knock over your toys? Good cats.


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