Look Away.

When a website says it has pictures of the man who fell between the train and the subway platform and was impaled by the hydraulic platform extenders, you never ever click the link. I know this is old news but now, every once in a while, the picture just pops in my head. I feel like when you first see those hydraulic platform extenders, this is exactly what you're afraid will happen to you someone.

I wore this to: get away with wearing leggings to work; be proud of myself for putting on a different necklace; tire from patting myself on the back; work

"Are you there, God? It's me, Jesse."

babydoll dress/neighborhood stoop sale
thermals & leggings/retail
pleather ankle booties/etsy

My other big news is that work is really busy and it's making me want to eat vegan junk food 24 hours a day, on a 15-hobbit-meals-a-day schedule. I wish our work vending machine had vegan cheeseburgers and fries with vegan mayo and vanilla/white icing cupcakes. If your work vending machine has all that, don't even tell me.


  1. Yikes, my boyfriend recently started working in the railway industry. He's mainly based in an office, but has to go on site visits, so he had a full week of training on track safety. People laugh about health and safety, but it's definitely important in such a potentially dangerous environment. Anyway, enough of my blah blah blah. Nice outfit! And congrats on putting on a different necklace. It's something I struggle to do.

  2. That dress is super adorbs. Is it green with mini flowers?
    I hear you on eating when busy. I replaced meals with Paul Newman's oreo style cookies more than a few times in the past month. Mint ones. My tummy looked like a Newman-O after this.
    I recommend ordering food from seamless web! Falafel or vegan Asian food.

  3. @ Rad - it's actually grayish green with mini flowers so very close, or possibly even 100% correct!


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