I Never Thought I Would

I own a backpack. It's purely for function (food shopping) but last week, after I dragged 40# of groceries home on shoulders and my hand kept going numb the next day I figured I could overcome my disdain for backpacks (sporty, lame) -- or, I could at least try.

When they first came out I tried to imagine myself with a Baggu backpack. I liked the idea. Organic cotton, ethically made. This past Friday I came face-to-face with them at a local store. They had the color I liked (aqua). It was a manageable size for heavy food shopping items. It was affordable. I thought about my numb hand and poor shoulders.

And so I purchased.

I'm unsure if you've ever purchased something that you're so stylistically against ever.

It feels like I've betrayed myself but am yet weirdly liberated. It just cycles like that. ("You'll look like a jerk." "It'll be easier to carry!" "Glad you lost all care for what you look like." "But it's so handy!" )

Edited: My backpack prejudice only extends to me! I rarely notice when someone else is carrying a backpack, nor do I ever care.


  1. Sorry oyu feel like a douche. But think of it this way- we can only have the luxury to pick form over function if we have servants (or at least a car).
    In grad school, I had a Dutch friend who made everything sporty look stylish, even highly utilitarian backpacks. So I asked my dad to buy one for xmas, and he bought me a super hi tech padded one with hip straps and all. It cost more than any bad I own and I've used it only when traveling.

  2. I have the most obnoxious backpack in the world. I got it freshman year of highschool from LL Bean. It's purple tie dye. I hate tie dye. But every time I need a weekend bag to visit someone in, say, Boston I think about the agony of a heavy duffel on one shoulder, the cumbersome wheeled suit case and my ugly old backpack.
    I choose the backpack.

    It's okay. I understand.

  3. @ Rad - you are, of course, right!

    @ Lyddie - thank you for empathizing!

  4. I to I'm very anti-back pack the last time I wore one my old land lord thought I was heading to my first day of college. I was 26 at the time and quite few years of of school. I do however think this back packs is quite stylish and I love the colour so maybe I to one day will be a convert. I did almost fall over carrying my groceries 6 blocks home they other day.

  5. I carry a backpack most days, because it's easier when cycling, but still feel I have to explain myself. It is practical, waterproof and seemingly indestructable, plus I've decorated it with badges. I'll have to take a photo to show you...

  6. That one is really cute!

    I had to have a backpack when I was a teacher, so there is no shame in it! I'm surprised you've been biking for so long without one - I tried it once with a tote bag, and never again.

  7. Actually, I hated backpacks in high school. I would just carry my books or else use my little messenger bag. I remember in junior high that if you didn't have a Jansport back pack you were so not cool. I guess my high school backpack rebellion stemmed from that. But then I got to college and oh my goodness I had too much to carry! So yeah, I went out and bought a Jansport backpack. What of it?

  8. I succumbed to the backpack last year when I had work + grad school. I opted for a Timbuktu bag with a shiny, black, vinyl flap. Works for texts books and co-op, and now, with me new job, business travel with a laptop! My shoulders and back are thanking me, no more being wrenched by a tote bag!

  9. @ everyone - I am so glad you're all backpack-supportive! I finally used it for the first time Monday and it's amazing how much better it was!

  10. I've been wanting a stylish backpack -- and pondering the existence of such an oxymoronic item -- for some time. This one is adorable.


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