I geek out over Planet of the Apes

I wore this to:
- bring Oneida to the vet for a corneal ulcer (?!)
- pick up my contacts and covet clear acrylic glasses
- finally finally see my friend M for manicures
- run into my friend Cxo on the street

shirt/old navy
boots/heartsofdarkness, cri de coeur
two-tone glasses/urban optical

Here is my random OPI red
Pinky freckle new for 2011!
I'm assuming that's good luck.


That ring is my #1 favorite ring (aside from my huge silver Dr. Zaius ring). I got it at Crazy Pig in London. And I wear it every day despite not believing in "forever" for anything. You can see it in more detail here.

Oh, what? My Planet of the Apes ring? Have I not mentioned that I'm a major (original) Planet of the Apes fan? I have PoTA dolls in my office. I know the acronym for PoTA. I have a Zaius ring. My outfit set on flickr is name "Escape from Planet of the Apes" (for obvious reasons if you've seen the movie). I have a Cornelius Halloween mask hanging in my living room. Oh, wait...here it is.

forblog zira takes a bow

I originally sought out Crazy Pig because of their long rock history. I had seen an incredible bespoke (actually bespoke) skull ring made for Keith Richards in a magazine and I felt like I needed to visit in person and pick out a ring. At that time I'd been wearing my Dr. Zaius ring from C'est Magnifique on Macdougal here in NYC but I'd heard that Crazy Pig also had some handmade Planet of the Apes rings -- and that they might have a Zira, who I wanted. (C'est Magnifique only ever had the boys.)

This is the Crazy Pig version of Dr. Zaius:

crazy pig zaius

Turns out the Crazy Pig PoTA rings were cast for huge man hands (and about $450) and my ladyfingers couldn't bend if I donned an ape. So I got something else. Something tattoo-inspired but work-appropriate. Something only slightly cheaper. I got the sacred heart ring.


  1. Love this post! : ) Okay I'm not cool ' nuff to have a ring or mask - but oh man my dad and I watched the movies over and over when I was a kid.

    Glad to see you're feeling better &

    I hope Oneida is okay : (

  2. very interesting rings! the detail is incredible.

  3. Very cool. Would love to see more of your collection.

  4. *snatches ring* No but seriously, GIMME.
    I LOVE that ring!

  5. Let your geek flag fly!
    I've been contemplating a Harry Potter inspired tattoo myself, which is pretty geeky and yet not as cool/kitchy as your PoTA ring.


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