I agree with Clinton Kelly


I will confess to watching a little too much What Not to Wear in my time. While I agreed with some of their basic tenets, I rarely liked how they executed them. And you probably couldn't pay me to let Nick Arrojo cut my hair.

But! Clinton's reasoning is exactly why I avoid over-the-knee boots and (not that I would tell someone not to wear them but...) I do not personally enjoy them about 90% of the time I see them on someone in real life.

Clinton advice I agree with

The whole thing is here, from Time Out NY. If you click on either picture you can select the original giant size and read the whole thing.

Clinton advice I agree with

I know we try not to judge - but sometimes I can't help thinking a look is just bad news and I just can't shake it.


  1. Whaaaaaaa? Are over the knee boots back?? I cannot abide massive slouchy oversized knits, not on me anyway.

  2. Agreed. I'm about 5'4", and I feel like even knee-high boots... take up too much... of my height. If that makes sense.

    Just one more thing that looks awesome in artfully staged and iffy in person.

    Furry vests remind me of cavemen in old movies.

  3. You've just summed up my entire experience of WNTW.
    Like Rebekah, I'm 5'4", and I think that's why I've never even tried on a pair of over-the-knee boots.

  4. I'm not a fan of over-the-knee boots, especially as I have thin calves and have difficulty finding boots I like that fit me, but I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing "unflattering" clothing. The earth, thankfully, will not swallow you whole if your legs look short or your stomach looks pudgy. Having a body that doesn't fit the narrow standard of beauty isn't a moral failing.

  5. Did you see that the Cri de Coeur Charisma boots are on sale for $90 on Pure Citizen for the next two days?

  6. I think the only time I've seen and liked OTK boots is when they were worn with skinny jeans tucked in, where the jeans were the same color as the boots. I think that took away from the chopped-in-half thing.

  7. I agree about all of this!
    Over the knee totally makes you shorter/wider.
    AND dude - I would NOT let that guy cut my hair either. I'm shocked he has stayed on the show. Want to look older and more matronly? Let Nick cut your hair!

  8. I agree with you and Clinton; I saw lots of young, short girls in New York wear OTKs and it just looks weird and disproportionate. I wear OTKs myself, but I think I can get away with it at 5'11". They are tough to get right though, even at my height.


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