"Home Sweet Home" {Motley Crue}

My blog was originally supposed to be both about (my) clothing and (my) housewares but housewares just never made it out of the gate. My goal with housewares is the same as clothing:

to buy second-generation or {insert redeeming sustainability/ethical quality here} as much as possible (but buy less, in general)

In celebration of me framing and hanging two pictures myself (and I didn't even bend a nail, chumps), I'm showing you some apartment accoutrements.


This lil' lady is a bell!


I got her at a tv/movie props recycling place we checked out last weekend. She reminded me of Jonathan Adler's Utopia pottery mixed with vintage Xmas decorations. I'm pretty sure Jonathan Adler doesn't have an angel bell and when he finds out that I do, I'll bet he tries to be a biter.

I rarely buy dust-collectors (aka "future cat toys") for the apartment because I really hate clutter, but I had chest pains when I thought about leaving her.


This is a portrait that Sally Bloodbath did of my boyfriend and me at the Brkyn Comics & Graphics Festival {^that links to an incredible comic about her dad's fashion). It's now framed and hung:

Portrait by Sally Bloodbath

I swear I didn't even tell her I like cats. That was her ESP bonus.


And I finally hung Katie's print!

{Click on this picture to get to Katie's photostream}

The Queen's Croquet Game

And here it is in my apt, in case
you really want to see a
reflect-y framed version


And that concludes this installment of "Stuff I Live With".


  1. That print looks incredible! That bell is mildly creepy, but it makes it awesome.

  2. Great finds. I especially dig your coloring in the picture of you, your bf, and the single cat that stands in for the collective cat. Very cool.
    Oh, and I meant to say earlier that I am looking forward to future thrifting and coffee/vegan snacks.

  3. I love seeing little snippits of homes! That bell lady gives me heart palpitations too!


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