Guys, did you hear it's 2011?

While I was (marginally) well enough to head to the NYE soul night for which we had tickets, my beau ended up sick instead. We ended up spending an evening at my apartment, watching Freaks & Geeks and catching the Prospect Park fireworks out my back window. There isn't anyone else I'd have rather spent NYE with, so I didn't mind. (Not to be infuriatingly smarmy.)

Before we realized we'd be staying in for the night, I looked like this:

NYE front

It was still really slushy.
Hence the Westwood rainboots.

The rest of the weekend was brunches and uh, brunches. We made a chocolate cake. We made it to the Brooklyn Museum for both the Tomaselli thing (ended today) and the Women Pop Artists ('58 - '68) exhibit:

This Tomaselli "painting" was made out of:
pills, hemp leaves and a lot of resin.
Boring far away. Interesting up close.

Brooklyn Museum:  Fred Tomaselli

I only had my phone on me so this was the best picture I got
of the Women Pop Artists stuff:

Brooklyn Museum:  Women Pop Artists

Niki de Saint Phalle

She had some other pieces (Darling We Won't and Dear Diana)
I liked better but my pictures of them were even worse.

This weekend wasn't a bad way to start off 2011.

I have a bajillion resolutions ("no more black dresses") but one of the bigger ones is to actually make plans with friends. And do stuff. I'm notoriously bad for being busy with responsibility and forgetting the other Real Life.


  1. hooray for a meaningful NYE! Even if it wasn't intentional. And you looked beautiful!!!!!!! I look forward as always, to reading your blog...especially another year of it! gush much just then? i certainly did.

  2. Happy new year! sounds like you had a good one despite illness! you looked lovely too!

  3. Sorry that your fella wasn't feeling top notch, but I am starting to think that staying in after the stress of the holidays is a pretty good way to go. Your outfit was awesome and I hope you get to wear it again soon (maybe at some thing you plan with friends).
    I totally hear you the friendship thing. Being still relatively new to NYC, I don't have loads of friends, which I think is probably a function of my work-a-holism, but I also don't do a good enough job to nurture the ones I have. Good reminder!

  4. Sorry your new years eve plans didn't work out, but it's more about who you are with than what you are doing anyway!

    Hope you find an excuse to wear your NYE outfit soon though - because it's adorable!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. so cute! you remind me of zooey deschanel.


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