Film Biz Revolution, Yeah

Today we're going on a little trip. I'm going to take you to Film Biz Recycling by way of pictures.

Film Biz, a non-profit, provides a place for tv and movie sets to responsibly dispose of their set props. These items are offered for resale at the Film Biz shop. This is why you'll find real furniture, kitchenware and lighting fixtures mixed in with a bag of fake bread, vintage soda cans from a period show and some fake light-up candles -- all for sale in the same space.

The large space hosts several vignettes, "rooms" of grouped and styled items. You've got a bedroom, some living room areas and then it clusters into like-kind (lighting, chairs, A/V, kitchen, kids, fabric and craft materials). The far end of the space hosts a line of shelves and sorting tables, where items aren't priced but you'll probably get a pretty good price if you ask! You'll find piles on the table to peruse, as well a curiously-named boxes (Beach in a Box, Grandma in a Box, etc.) to rifle through.

Wanna see? Here we go.


go to your room

puttin on the ritz

Film Biz has a lot of furniture and more throw pillows than you can shake a stick at.

Kitchen Aids

Some HomeFill cans and fake foods, too, among the vintage stuff.

kitchen collections

I was tempted by more than one of those casserole dishes and those vintage canisters.

Weird Machines

pop quiz

Not tempted by this one at all.

The Promised:
Fake Bread
, Grandma in Box

faux bread

grandma in a box

My Favorite Moustache

the only moustache i'll ever like

And shop pup!

look at this little buddy!

Film Biz fills a great niche.


work towards averting all of this great stuff from the landfill

operate as a non-profit organization

advise the film business on best green practices for managing their "stuff"

create a place that normal folks like us can buy things like fake tarts,
"logs in a fireplace" or even just a lamp.

In their own words:

We are committed to never have another dumpster full of perfectly good materials tossed to create green house gasses in a landfill.

Film Biz Recycling also seeks to connect the industry with other industries, communities and planet via collaboration, lateral thinking and volunteerism. Our materials can change lives. Our unique skills can move mountains so let’s be a shining light to the rest of the world!

Now. I dare you to not want to shop there.


  1. What a cool place, and fun idea. Do you have any idea what shows the stuff came from? Because it would be fun to say "remember that sitcom that got canceled in the 80s? Cuz your sittin on their couch." ha.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Very awesome. I neeed to go there! Oh! I'm glad I'll be heading back east soon.

  3. do i want to shop there? how could i NOT? i've been meaning to pick up some "gramma in a box" for months now... that's seriously awesome. i loved poring over all the pics; i can only imagine the drool that would ensue if i were physically there. much to the embarrassment of my drool-averse husband. :)
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog)

  4. @ La Fille - great! Do you know when?

    @ Lyddie - no, they have a few pictures on their site of certain crews bringing things in so I'm guessing they'd be able to tell you on some of the larger items. They did have a vignette set up of glass items made for Julie Taymor's The Tempest and that was labeled but the rest of the stuff wasn't!

    @ Brittney - thanks for commenting and I added your blog to my reader.

  5. hehe in Late May early June. I'm glad too because I missed a lot of stuff last time around!


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