Discovering Mori Girls @ FIT's Museum

First of all, let me say it's a sad day online when you can't locate a good set of lyrics for Vitapup's Laxative Cat.

I wore this to: work; go to FIT's Japan Fashion Now with S(f)

dress, CRonson for Urban/Beacons PS
long sleeve black t/AA
boots, Hearts of Darkness/Cri de Coeur via Mooshoes
Maggie's Organics tights




About the Museum @ FIT. It's lovely that it's free. And that S(f) suggested going since I'd had it on my list of things to do for months and yet had never made it. (Procrastination is king.)

The exhibit starts out boring opens with the '80s Japanese avant garde items -- their shapes and draping are interesting but they don't move me. This stuff is most likely to garner the Zoolander/Derelict jokes, almost erroneously. There's a lot of great detailing there to be gazed upon, if you choose to gaze.

The main room was what I was waiting for -- all the lolita, mori girl and cos-play outfits! That sounds bad but it's true I am a voyeur when it comes to this stuff. How can you not be? The lolita-type outfits are more traditionally feminine silhouettes (my preference) but built with more outrageous materials or flourishes.

This 3 minute video actually walks you through the 2 rooms.

The real dark horses for me were the vintage Kenzo and Hanae Mori (these are tucked into the corner of the first '80s avant garde room, but they're colorful and have some shape to them). I hadn't seen much by them nor expected them so they were a nice surprise. Unfortunately I can't find anything online that rivals what the exhibit had so too bad so sad.

We also took a quickie through the His & Hers exhibit, which is worth it for the '60s and '70s areas alone.


  1. Thanks for featuring Cri de Coeur! We love seeing the ways you wear your Splendor boots ;)
    Glad to have found your blog!
    ~Gina @

  2. I love japanses fashion tribes. I spend hours the other day immersing myself in 'gal' styles. it's mental how many sub divisions there are even in one style.


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