Ankle Boot Improv

Did anyone get that the last post title was because Huggy Bear's Her Jazz lyrics were running through my head? If so, we should totally be best friends.

I wore this to:
- work
- pick up boots from the cobbler
- get a handbag handle redone
- look at chairs with the beau
- eat kimchi pancakes at woorijip
- work
- make pizza
- watch the raccoons across the street pilfer the trash cans

3/4 sleeve shirt/delias
vintage skirt/guvnors
maggies organic tights
vintage pleather booties/etsy

Velvet skirt fabric:

Such a long skirt is usually verboten for a shortie like me but both my friend S(t) and the staff at Guvnor convinced me to keep it longer. Ideally I'd have worn this with ballet flats but since that means I'll be waiting until May to wear a long velvet skirt, I figured I'd improvise with some ankle boots.

You know, what with it snowing this morning as I left the house and all. Again. (It was snowing again; I usually do leave the house every day.)

The lazy dinner
pesto and capers

Seriously. I buy pre-made dough. But I had enough energy to take a picture of it. And that's what counts, right?


  1. Making your own pizza from pre-made dough is way commendable. Does yours have a green pesto sauce?
    Also, I think you look quite nice in this longer skirt.
    I miss kimchi pancakes. I can cook Korean food pretty well but my partner hates the flavors- especially seaweed and kimchi. He's a freak, I know.

  2. That skirt looks great on you! I think it makes you look taller.
    And yay for almost homemade pizza! I think I will make some dough tonight and pizza it up myself.

  3. Wonderful skirt, and the pizza looks delicious.

  4. Dude! I am totally copying that pizza. It looks scrumptious.

    I just need to find some vegan pesto...I read Eataly has some.

  5. @Kate - I used Meditalia basil pesto (which I get at the food co-op), Daiya and capers with some cherry tomatoes if you needed to know that! :)

    Thank you for the posi comments, everyone!


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