Angie talks about trans people in fashion

I just wanted to point out this blog post on You Look Fab re Andrej Pejic.

It asks whether someone who is not biologically female should be modeling clothes marketed (supposedly) to biological females and questions whether using models born biological males but manifesting the (tall, skinny) female fashion industry beauty ideal is how the industry plans to cheat the models' health issue?

I'm excerpting my comment here but the post and comments bear reading:

I am with Dash in support for gender norms being questioned. I don’t think any of us can say “it’s not a good enough try at subverting gender norms” {to use a pretty and skinny boy who doesn't present as masculine} because really, when we’re subverting gender norms it’s (hopefully) in the hopes that all gender presentation is equally valued at some point in the future. When I see people say this isn’t good enough because he passes well and doesn’t subvert the female beauty ideal in appearance, it sounds to me that we’re not accepting of his gender presentation.

Also – Marc Jacobs has ALREADY used a skinny, hip-less biological male in his womenswear ads in the past:

I do agree that we need *more* representation of gender presentations and body shapes/sizes in fashion but I’m certainly not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater and say a trans person is not “enough” to make any significant change.

The issue of one very skinny size prevailing is certainly an issue. And the fact that biological men often have less body fat than biological women do should be taken into account here — are they being opportunistic in using a trans person to fill this role because of those qualifications? Maybe. But I see the real problem with the qualifications – not WHO is filling them.

Also, I don't even know if Andrej identifies as trans, just FYI. However, it looks like someone else penned a custom term for him - Andrejyny.


  1. I really like your comment!

    I just don't think very many people are on board with all gender represesentations being valued equally. I often read fashion blogs going on about valuing 'real' (i.e. curvy/ not model shape) women and discussing how to be feminine as if it was a given that that's what all women should aspire to (like 'how to do the menswear trend and still look feminine'), and it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

  2. Interesting discussion, and your comment is very thoughtful. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. I read the post Angie put up and I thought that she was being pretty open minded. Some of the comments were a bit less so.
    Thanks for sharing your comment.

  4. Ugh, some of the comments were awful. Your comment is spot on. Additionally, while ciswomen retain fat better than cismen, it does not follow that all transwomen are going to be noticeably thinner than all ciswomen.


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