Welcome, Co-workers!

I haven't hidden *or* advertised this blog to coworkers, although my coworker-friends have always known about this pet project. Due to a coworker or two referencing of Dressing Vegan post on Facebook (with full permission!) a bunch of my coworkers (80 people in the past day) have found their way here. Which is cool - it's not a "personal" blog (unless you count pictures of me in clothes you see me in every day anyway as personal) so please feel free to admit you know!

I don't reference the agency we work for by name (and barely in general) so if you're commenting, please omit that in your comments. I keep a pretty bare-bones personal profile online.

Anyway, thanks for the nice comments and stopping by my office to tell me you read that particular post or the blog in general. And hello, if you're still here!

Oona crashes Orko's picture
Oona photobombing Orko's picture


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