A Thrift Store I'm Hiding

I wore this to: hit up a new thrift store in downtown Bklyn! {also: Dressember the 5th}; it worked well for trying stuff on

Dressember Day 5

I am not going to spill which store it was because I'm feeling a little possessive. I heard about it through a blog post on a community blog. (But if you're a NYer I know and like, I'll tell you via email!) I would have never guessed this place was a thrift store if I'd walked by it - the facade looks retail and the location is unlikely. Remember when I pondered being able to find thrift stores that sell stuff for $5? Pondering: ceased.

I ended up with a skirt, belt, drawing notebook and 2 necklaces:

Skirt, belt, book and 2 necklaces

Book and necklaces

The pros:

- arranged like a huge dept store
- each section sorted by size and type! (i.e. pants S, pants M, pants L, pants XL)
- size category was on each tag
- cheap-o!
- pants were hung by the sides so you could see pant-front and retail label/sizing
- housewares plentiful and neat
- not crowded
- they have VIP cards
- conveniently located
- decent hours
- really pleasant and helpful staff

The cons:

- size small went anywhere from 0 - 9 so there was a big range within the sizing categories
- all vintage was in a separate section
- most stuff was '90s 'til now

The pros mighty seriously outweighed the cons. It's the type of store I wouldn't mind poking around in once every week or two.


  1. Way to go, finding a thrift store. Sounds like you got some good buys. Also, your new belt will match your new duck boots.
    I meant to comment earlier on your sequins dress, which you did a great "day" look with. Sorry they were so cold (and that it's colder today).

  2. Hey!

    So I've just started reading your blog; it stood out to me because I noticed you're a vegan, and my new year's resolution is to become vegan (I'm just a vegetarian now).

    I also have made a 6-month pledge to buy all my "new" clothes from thrift stores. So my real point is, is there any way I can convince you to give up the name of that thrift store? You can email me at kate.burrill AT gmail DOT com, if you are willing! I will not tell anyone else!

  3. @ Kate - will do! That is awesome and I look forward to reading about it

    @ Rad - thank you! It's true - the boots and belt match.


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