Stuff I Just Bought

I will start out this post by saying yes, I am still financially solvent. Actually, this month is the first month that pretty much everything earmarked for my savings account made it there instead of the Bank of Frivolity. [inserts roof-raising motions]

I had some creative banking around the same time Gilt had a 50% off Matt & Nat sale and behold - the Nico! - the very bag I'd been checking out online for the past few weeks. (It's vegan, black, satchel-y, durable, huge, winter-worthy.)

The Nico
matt nat nico.jpg

Next up, purchased with my December clothing allowance -- green "duck" boots. I had a pair of black ones favorited on Etsy for months, along with these. I was waiting until Monday to purchase them, but they must have sold between Friday and Monday! So I decided I'd go with the green ones. It's a neutral (sort of) and I have a lot of black anyway.

green duck boots

Winter. Here I am.


  1. Hey just a you find you buy more to wear in the warmer months? ?I find i'm a lot more thrifty in the colder months - i seem to only buy necessities. In Summer, I think I focus more on "pretty" things that I dont necessarily need.

  2. That bag is yummy. I had a pair of duck boots from J.Crew that were so cute but I gave them too my sister as they were waaay too big on me. I miss them. *sniff*
    How did your BB Dakota coat work out?
    Also, I tagged you on my latest blog post for 7 things! Weeeeeee.

  3. hehe. I got a Matt & Nat bag too via gilt. but I got the smaller crossbody bag.

  4. @ Teeny - YES. I really dislike winter and I find myself having to layer a lot to just get by during the day (10-15 min walk to the subway, office, whatever I'm doing at night, which can include a 30 min walk home from the grocery store sometimes, etc.). So in order to not TOTALLY LOATHE winter, I give myself (somewhat) free reign to buy what I feel like I'll use in my arsenal of winter-wear. In the summer it's more about things I like to wear. In the winter it's anything that will make me not hate life!

    @prettyindxstyle - the BB Dakota was too big with a small and there was no xs so I had to return it, unfortunately. But it was cute (if not mid-weight vs heavy...but that's just by feel, not the experience of wearing it!). Awesome re 7 things - I will get on it! Thanks!

    @ La Fille - hah! Awesome - can't wait to see it!

  5. the boots are really cute and convenient looking!


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