My Answers to Your Comments

I've been awful about actually replying to comments for the past few weeks, despite my angelic intentions. So, this post is a blast from the past.

A list of what I didn't answer, linked to the post with answers. After all, nobody puts baby in a corner, right?

Stuff I Just Bought -
@ Teeny - Yes, I buy more in the winter!
Also, comments: @prettyinpdx and @la fille

A Thrift Store I'm Hiding -
@ kate - yes, I'll email the thrift store to you today, along with some others I like
Also, comments: @rad

Bklyn Comics and Graphics Festival - The Outfits
@ Catiline re Papacito's!
@ la fille re graphic novels

Sequins Get Cold, Guys
@ Hanna C - special thanks to comparing me to some pretty ladies
(and thanks for all the nice sequin dress comments and agreement re "day looks"!)

Dressember Kickoff
@ Rad -yes, those are heels I now hate
@ Future Lint - I would never do Dressember if it were 0 degrees here already!

Cleaning House for Dressember
@ Meredith - thanks for the good luck wishes AND I like your blog so thanks for commenting so I could find it!
@ Teeny - reassurance that the dresses I have in hiding are not that garish (I think)

The State of Thrift - Where Have All the Good Times Gone?
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for telling me what was up in your locales - the comments were really interesting to read and I think factoring in the upswing of swaps and resale - you guys are right - not as many people are donating to thrift stores any longer so the volume might be waning

Cheezy Love

@ sarah nicole - where you can find nutritional yeast!

Unsponsored Product Review: Boho Beetnik's Maraschino Lip/Cheek Stain
@ la fille, but anyone else who wanted to know - NO, Tarte's Lipsurgence isn't vegan; I got an answer from their customer service dept. I will be buying the Boho Beetnik one because it *is* vegan and also it's supporting a small company

Unsponsored Product Review: Soapwalla's Natural Deodorant
@ allisun - but anyone who is a PSFC member!


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