Good News! (Ed Hardy was partially behind it!)

I know a few of you were squicked out when I mentioned that real (cat, dog, raccoon) fur is often sold as "faux fur" these days but there is good news - Obama signed off on the Truth in Fur Labeling Act {via The Discerning Brute}

Why? To quote the above link:

Of the fur-trimmed jackets subjected to mass spectrometry testing by HSUS, 96 percent were found to be domestic dog, wolf or raccoon dog, and either mislabeled or not labeled at all...

The Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000 banned the trade in domestic dog and cat fur after an HSUS investigation revealed the gruesome deaths of 2 million dogs and cats a year in China and other parts of Asia for the fur trade and found domestic dog and cat fur for sale in the United States.

So, that's good news for us all!

Oregon Humane


  1. yay!
    I am still haunted by the video that Alec Baldwin and Heather Mills took to the media of the caged domestic cats in China being hanged one-by-one.
    I hope in my lifetime we evolve (in at least the western world) to not torture animals for any reason.
    Even if we are killing them anyway for food or clothing.

  2. Good news, indeed!

    But sheesh, 96% of the tested fur was dodgy?? That is insane! While visiting Finland I was shocked to see how much pro-fur propaganda there was in the media... The Finnish fur industry's most popular claim is, at the moment anyway, that their fur is an ethical choice, that it is more ehtical than the cheaply produced Chinese fur. Yes, no doubt the animals are treated better than in China, but it is still shocking that they'd actually use that as a marketing tool.


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