Dressember Schools Me.

I am so short on time, I can't believe I obligated myself to post a dress a day in Dressember! I am going to have to owe you guys a few dresses, because I never had time to do laundry and ran out of tights so I was forced to wear pants. (I have no idea why I try to do challenges on the blog that I maintain to have a fun irresponsible focus in my life, for a change!) It was a good, inspiring idea but I just got exponentially busy with work. Bad timing!

Dressember has:

1) made me sick of wearing the one pair of calf-high boots I have - it's been so cold that's about all I can wear with skirts lately

2) made me sick of having to photograph everything, especially the million black dresses in a row I would never otherwise photograph; I enjoy wearing a uniform but I don't usually call that much attention to it

3) make a pact that I will never buy another black dress again (seriously, this is on my clothes shopping list I keep on my phone -- "dresses, not another black one!")

I still have a few dresses I've yet to wear. (Too loud for work, and I essentially worked all last weekend at the adoption event although it was for free.) I'm going to keep trying though!


Dressember 22nd/I wore this to: work! food shop @ the food co-op

beanie/old navy
dress/kimchi&blue via portland buffalo exch
maggies organics tights
cri de coeur/hearts of darkness splendor boots

(Un-Dressember 23rd!) I wore this to: work, work, work!

delias acyrlic/vegan sweater
dkny skinnies
vintage shoes via old baltimore vintage on etsy

Also, welcome new (pleather) shoes via Etsy seller bluebutterflyvintage.

12-22-10 brown granny boots bluebutterflyvint
picture is the seller's picture


  1. Ha! @ "I have no idea why I try to do challenges on the blog that I maintain to have a fun irresponsible focus in my life, for a change!". I FEEL YOU. And ditto on the boots sentiment as well. My next big purchase will be a pair of knee high brown boots! NEED. P.S. That Delia's sweater is adorable!

  2. I have huge respect for anyone who'd even _try_ to do all dresses in a winter month!

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  4. Are the Splendor boots warm enough for winter? Water proof?

    Looking at them for a gift for someone....

    Please email:
    matt1000 @T mac.com




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